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Agent Management Tool Steps

Learn how to navigate through your agent management tool in RAI.


  1. Navigate to in your browser and log in.
  2. From the menu at the top of the dashboard, hover over ‘Business Tools’ and then ‘Agent Management.’
  3. You will see two new features, Hierarchy and Search.
  4. First, click on ‘Hierarchy.’
  5. The Hierarchy page is broken down by carrier.
  6. You can view your metrics summarized at the top of the page.
  7. Under each section, you will see visual representation of the hierarchy structure, which you can also download.
  8. Now, let’s check out the new search feature.
  9. From the menu at the top of the dashboard, hover over Business Tools and then Agent Management.
  10. Click on Search.
  11. This search feature pulls in all downline agents.
  12. To search for an agent, click in the search box.
  13. You can search for an agent by name only.
  14. To view more details about the agent, click on details.
  15. To the left, you can view agent details.
  16. On the right-hand side, you can navigate through Summary, Contracts, and Policies.
  17. Let’s start with the Summary tab.
  18. If you would like to view data from the last seven days, for example, you can do that by clicking in the tool bar at the top of the section, selecting ‘Last 7 Days,’ and clicking filter.
  19. This will update the data below automatically.
  20. You can view all carriers by premium.
  21. You can change the metrics by data type by clicking on Type.
  22. You can switch between premium and app count.
  23. If you would like to display top 5 only, click on ‘Top’ and select top 5 carriers.
  24. From the Contracts tab, you can filter and sort contracts by any column provided below.
  25. To view the agent downline, click the orange Details icon located in the right column of the chart.
  26. The policies tab pulls in a list of agent policies which can also be filtered and can also be downloaded.


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